19 June 2019

What Travel Insurance Do I Need?

When Booking a trip, it is important to consider various facotrs, booking travel insurance is one of t...

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  • Emergency Medical Coverage
    Make the most of your holiday!

    You work hard and have earned a good time away from the every day. Whether it's a quick trip to see family for the weekend, a relaxing vacation, or the travel adventure of a lifetime, you deserve it! Our multi teared travel insurance product provides protection   from the high costs of emergency treatment while travelling outside your home province, so when the unexpected happens you can get the help you need without having to worry about your bank account.
  • Trip Cancellation
    Spend your time planning your adventures and let us plan for the unexpected with Trip Cancellation Insurance. This coverage lets you protect the investment you made in your trip in case you have t cancel or there's and interruption once you’re on your way. We've even got your luggage covered if it gets lost, damaged or delayed getting to you.
  • For Students
    Worry about marks, not emergencies!

    With our StudentPlan, students studying out of province or abroad can find comfort knowing they've got emergency medical coverage for things like hospitalizations or mental health services if ever they're in need. We even have Sports Participation Coverage for post-secondary athletes while they're in school.