02 July 2019

How is Home Insurance Calculated?

There may be (literally) hundreds of rating factors that go into a home insurance premium and some ins...

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Home Insurance

Get the right coverage for your home without the complications.  If something happens to your property you want it repaired or replaced fast.  You home isn’t just four walls – there may also be a shed, a pool, landscaping, a deck, etc.  There is also liability coverage to offer you protection against slip and falls, dog bites and swimming pools.
At Donnell Insurance we help you choose the coverages that are right for you. 

Did you know:

  • Sewer Back-Up - most policies will not cover sewer back-up unless you purchase an endorsement
  • Flood / Overland Water – this coverage is not standard in policies so you must purchase it separately
  • Ground Water – again not standard in a policy & you must purchase it
  • Many companies now offering a claims forgiveness coverage on the home
  • Combining your home insurance with your auto can save you a minimum of 10%
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