21 August 2019

Protecting Yourself Against Bicycle Theft

Cyclists across Canada are constantly faced with the potential of bicycle theft. 

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Condominium Insurance

Get the right coverage for the unit that you own without the complications.  Your policy covers your personal property that pertain exclusively to your unit.  The condo association insures the building and common areas while you are responsible for everything within your unit. There is also liability coverage to offer you protection against slip and falls, dog bites or if you are negligent is causing property damage.
At Donnell Insurance we help you choose the coverages that are right for you. 

Did you know your condo package provides protection for:

  • Any improvements & betterments that you make to your unit
  • Furniture
  • If there was a shortfall in the corporation insurance
  • If there was a large loss assessment spread amongst the unit owners
  • Storage unit within your complex
  • Items if stolen from your vehicle
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