Professional Liability

  • Cyber
  • Directors and Offices (D&O)

    D&O insurance policies offer liability cover for company managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties. As such, D&O insurance has become a regular part of companies risk management.

    Companies purchase D&O cover because managers can make mistakes. D&O coverage includes financial protection for managers against the consequences of actual or alleged “wrongful acts”. Policies cover the personal liability of company directors but also the reimbursement of the insured company in case it has paid the claim of a third party on behalf of its managers in order to protect them.

    Common D&O Risk Sceenarios:

    • Employement Practices and HR issues
    • Shareholder actions
    • Reporting errors
    • Inaccurate or inadequate disclosure
    • Misrepresentation in a prospectus
    • Decisions exceeding the authorty granted to a company officer 
    • Corporate manslaughter
    • Competitor claims


  • Errors and Omissions (E&O)
    We all make mistakes. That's why having Errors and Omissions Insurance is critical. This policy may cover financial liability in case of accidental errors or alleged negligence.

    As your broker, our role is to help you understand your professional liability exposure and to work with you to develop a risk mitigation strategy to protect you and your business. We can help you identify your specific exposures and structure a cost effective, customized insurance program solution.

    Key Coverages and Features: 
    • Defense Costs
    • Judgment and Settlements 
    • Fine or Penalties resulting from the allegations of misrepresentation
    • Breach of professional services
    • wrongful business practices
    • misleading advice
    • conflicts of interest 
  • Medical Malpractice (Med-Mal)
    Busineess and professionals who provide healthcare and other wellness services face unique risks associated with patient and client care. Malpractice Insurance is necessary to protect you from claims of injury to patients due to alleged negligence. Donnell Insurance's medical malpracitce team can create a program designed to provide broad coverages for a full range of medical risks. 

    Medical Malpractice Insurance Will Cover:
    • Court attendance costs
    • Reputation and brand protection 
    • Failure to attend a patient
    • Failures in diagnosis
    • Failures in referral or consultation
    • Faulure to communicate with other physicians
    • Failure to protect or warn third parties
    • Substandard treament