27 August 2019

New Roadside Cannabis Test Approved for Use in Canada

After a 30-day public consultation, Justice Minister David Lametti approved a second saliva-testing ma...

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There is no faster growing industry than the Canadian cannabis industry, and with our deep connections to specialist insurers, we are here to help make the insurance process simple for your cannabis business. Whether you're a licenced producer or are involved in any other legal business related to cannabis products, you need full insurance coverage customized to your specific operation. You can rely on Donnell Insurance for specialty insurance products with tailored coverages for ACMPR-approved medical and recreational cannabis businesses. 

Coverage Available for:

  • Licensed Producers
  • Nurseries
  • Retail Cannabis
  • Manufacturing and processing operations
  • Landlords or leasing facility of cultivation or related businesses
  • Hospitality operations such as cannabis clubs and vape lounges
  • Cannabis R&D, testing facilities, & labs
  • Medical marijuana physicians & clinics
  • Mail-order cannabis distribution
  • All other ACMPR-related businesses