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Golf Club Insurance: Protecting Against Fires & Arson

Even with a strong golf club insurance policy, fire is one of the most devastating forms of damage a golf club can sustain. When that fire is due to arson–as was suspected at Cardinal Golf Club in Laval–it leaves a golf club scrambling to beef up fire prevention protocols and risk assessment plans. You don’t have to wait for a tragedy to assess your exposure. A knowledgeable golf club insurance broker can be instrumental in helping identify areas that are vulnerable to an arson attack or fire hazard.

Conducting a Thorough Property Inspection

In addition to complying with the Fire Safety Audit required for all Ontario businesses, golf clubs should conduct their own annual inspection and review their risk assessment and fire prevention plan. Changes are always happening on property and these changes can increase your golf club’s exposure to arson and fire hazards. During the annual inspection, be sure to review the following:

  • Hazardous areas where fuel and oxygen are stored
  • Potential hazards like exposed electrical wiring, water leaks around wiring, and fuel-soaked cloths
  • Staff or club members who may come into contact with flammable items
  • Obstructions to entrances and exits
  • Electrical facilities, gas shutoff valves, outdoor storage areas, and security fences
  • Emergency equipment like smoke detectors, security systems and medical equipment
  • Fire safety and emergency training for staff members. Be sure to keep proper records of training for insurance purposes.

Other Fire Prevention Factors to Consider

During their annual inspection, golf clubs should also take into account the availability of water access for firefighters. The time it takes to wait for a water truck could result in significant damage to the golf club, its employees, club members and guests. The availability of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems also play a role in preventing fire damage and can help golf clubs reduce their golf club insurance premiums.

Protecting Against Arson

By understanding the areas where your golf club is vulnerable, you can help prevent arson and other criminal activity. The following proactive measures can help reduce the likelihood that someone will start a fire on property:

  • Lock all flammable gasses and liquids
  • Keep the grounds well lit at night
  • Train staff to recognize suspicious behaviour and individuals

Discussing your fire prevention plan with your golf club insurance advisor may also help you identify other areas where you may have risk. Together, you can create a plan that minimizes loss.